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We are honoured to introduce the renown Danish chef Jeppe Foldager who will be our guest chef at this years Food & Fun festival from March 1st to March 3rd.

Mr Foldager won the silver awards at Bocuse d'Or 2013. He is currently the head chef at Kanalen in Christianshavn, Copenhagen and has gained great popularity, so much in fact that he was the private chef for the Danish royal family during their 7 months sailing trip around Europe.

Nostra is an Icelandic restaurant with an emphasis on seasonal tasting menus with local ingredients

We are truthful to Icelandic nature and sophistically choose our ingredients and prepare our dishes in a careful yet an innovative and artful way. We practice sustainability and social responsibility by trying our very best to minimize surplus waste. We grow herbs and spices in our own “green room” in the restaurant. We make infused alcohol and syrups on a daily basis, making our cocktails among the freshest in town. We work in close collaboration with farmers and growers around Iceland and venture out on our own to forage the freshest ingredients. We believe in locally harvested ingredients and “farm to fork” and strive to offer our guests a taste of Iceland in our dishes.

Our success is your adventurous experience with us.

Nostra restaurnt - interior table

We provide our guests with a unique culinary experience, where fresh local produce and ingredients are prepared and served with dedication & care. 

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*Please note that this is a sample menu, our menu may change from day to day as we strive to use only the best ingredients available to us at any given time.


Food, nature and art are our passion. Food is like nature and art. It is fluid, multi-layered and changes depending on the angle from which it is viewed and experienced. 


Call (354) 519–3535 from 12:00 – 23:00 daily, or book online via the button above.



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